Friday, 19 March 2010


I have ordered some stamps from America earlier this week. I just cannot wait for them to arrive. I got the best of the sweet House mouse stamps hope fully sometimes next week I will be very busy making cards with it to my friends.
Till then here are some cards I made this week.These are all for Easter and will be shipped out soon to our friends.I love making others happy with things that I make.This is the best joy in the whole world.

Springy Door Hanger

This is  a Spring hanger I made together with my brother. I think it turned out quite well. Hope you will like it too.

Springy Crafts

The other day we had some time with my brother to do some springy crafts.We bought all the crafty stuff  earlier in the week. There is quite a nice selection in the craft shops here but still there are quite a lot of ridiculously ugly kitsch which should be avoided.Anyway here is our centerpiece for our dining table.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Eggy Easter!


We love our Easter eggs and trees. There are so many ways to decorate them but my favorite will always be the traditional ones with the patters of the regional embroidery traditionally it is done with bees' wax and dyed with simple green methods like onion peel. I also like the ones unusual. I saw this some days ago in a shop. This is the first time I saw an owl or a raccoon on an Easter egg which is certainly unusual but I couldn't help falling in love with them. I have to admit that the Jesus one is a bit over the top for me but the rest is adorable.

Easter Wonderland

I was a bit stunned coming home as the weather is still snowy and cold. I actually was expecting somewhat warmer more springy feel to it. The closest to this image I had in mind was in the window of  Philanthia. I love the simple eggs and the flower fairies. Unfortunately the picture doesn't give back the motion of the four dancing chicken, which was so cool I was in stitches. I would recommend visiting this shop any time of year. You will be loving it.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Easter Card

Every year I like to give something special for Easter for my friends and family.This year I prepare hand made cards and here is the first one.